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What can we expect from Apple iCloud in the future?

Cloud computing is technology of the future. And having been slowly ploughing away for a while now, cloud technology is coming to the masses.

If you’re unfamiliar with the iCloud, and are just crawling out from the rock you’ve been living under for the past year, it is basically a virtual storage system for everything you own.

iCloud lets you store your music, video, photos, documents and pretty much any other content you may have, on the internet.

So if you by a new song on your Mac, it will automatically be waiting for you to listen to on your iPhone. Or if you change a contact on your iPhone, it will automatically be changed on your iPad.

And the best thing is that we’re only at the start of what this new technology can achieve. And if anyone can push the limits of what it can do, it’s Apple. So what can we expect from the iCloud in the future?

Siri on the iCloud

Siri was one of Apple’s stand-out pieces of software from last year, so we can expect the tech giant to explore what else the technology can do.

And as Siri comes to other Apple products in the future, an iCloud version has got to be all but guaranteed.

Apple iPad 3 syncing

With the iPad 3 just around the corner (we hope), Apple will be keen to bring as much of its new software to its next-gen tablet.

So we can expect to see the likes of Siri making an appearance on the iPad 3 and, of course, we’ll see the iCloud too.

More cloud programmes

Tech experts predict that we’ll be using cloud computing for all aspects of IT in the future. So we can expect to see more and more programmes become cloud enabled in the future.

Of course, we have already seen cloud computing used for programmes. But you can expect it to become standard before long.