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Vodafone Blackout Causes Disruption

A service blackout by mobile phone operator Vodafone continues to cause considerable disruption across the UK.

If like me you awoke this morning to find you were not receiving your text, emails or phone calls via your mobile, don’t worry, you are not alone.

It appears that most Vodafone customers up and down the country are currently experiencing service blackouts, with anecdotal claims online estimating the service will be down until 1pm.

After an hour or two of attempting to reconnect my BlackBerry device to my chosen network, as well as having a go at a number of additional hi-tech shenanigans, that are, in all honesty, well beyond my limited technical skills, it was only when logging on to the Twitter this morning that I realised it was not a problem with my phone, but with the Vodafone network in general.

A forum post on the Vodafone website has clarified the situation:

‘There is currently a network server issue which is effecting customers all over the UK, our engineers are aware and are currently working on it as a high priority, once I have more information I will let you know.’

The service has been down – or being intermittent – since around midnight last night (Sunday 27th February) and is affecting people across the country. However, if the forum posts are anything to go by it seems to be a particular problem in the Berkshire/Surrey/Buckinghamshire area, west of London.

Despite a growing clamour and comments regarding the downtime on Twitter, at the time of writing the official Vodafone Twitter profile has not updated customers on what the situation is.

What are your views on Vodafone customer service? Should they have updated their website and social media pages with details for frustrated customers?