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Virgin Media to Provide Free Wi-Fi for the London Underground During the Olympics

Staying connected on London’s Underground

Staying in touch whilst in the depths of London’s Underground network has always been difficult but Virgin Media look to be about to change that.

80 tube stations across London are to be kitted out with free Wi-Fi from Virgin Media in time for the London Olympics with another 40 tube stations to also get Wi-Fi by the end of 2012.

Boris Johnson announced the project, however the wording of the announcement implies that the Wi-Fi network will be available in the earmarked tubes station but is not likely to extend to moving trains themselves but may be available when stationary trains are at platforms.

Free Wi-FI?

Wi-Fi access will be free and apparently unlimited during the Olympic Games themselves but will become a pay-as-you-go service after the Summer for full internet access.

Only if you are a Virgin Media broadband or mobile customer will you be able to continue to benefit from the free service after the Summer.  Non Virgin Media broadband or mobile customers will have to sign up to pay for the minutes they want to use for access to the full Wi-Fi service. Although all tube passengers will still be able to access Transport for London travel information for free.

London – a connected city?

With the upcoming Olympic Games now not far away it is unavoidable that London’s services and infrastructure will be under scrutiny.  Virgin Media’s chief executive – Neil Berkett said; “With the eyes of the world on London this summer, we’ll be showing off our capital as a leading connected city on the global stage.”

A more entertaining Commute…

It’s a shame that this new service won’t be available as a permanently free service for all of us beyong the summer Olympics but while it lasts it just might make travelling in London slightly easier and more enjoyable.

What’s App, Angry Birds and Facebook would certainly all help to pass the time whilst waiting for trains – that’s if the potentially chaotic mix of commuters and tourists don’t put you off travelling in the first place…