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Vacuum Cleaner Buying Tips for Autumn

We’ve said goodbye to the sun and to the last heat of this rubbish summer and it is now time to welcome in the autumn.

And while we keep one eye firmly on the impending winter, with the change of seasons also comes a change in the weather and you know what that means – DIRT!

As autumn bites there’ll be more mud, more mess and more leaves trodden into your home, so there may never be a better time for you to think about looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

But who needs to spend a fortune on a large upright beast when a smaller and more compact cylinder vacuum can do the job just as well?

The small and powerful Dyson City DC26 Vacuum cleaner

The Dyson City DC26 vacuum cleaner

These are easier to store, lighter to carry and far less likely to have you falling down the stairs holding it. They’re ideal for flats too.

For more top tips on buying a vacuum cleaner, read our Buyers Guide.

One of the best smaller cleaners right now is the DYSON DC26 CITY MULTI FLOOR, which is actually the smallest ever Dyson vacuum.

It weighs just 3.2kg, that’s lighter than many laptops, making it ideal for everyone from pensioners to single city types living in a riverside one-bedroom studio. You can even hold it on ONE hand.

One key debate when buying a vacuum is bagged or bagless? Both have their advantages but if you ditch the bag, you ditch the expense of buying them and the mess you may get into when you try and empty it.

The Dyson DC26, like the rest of the Dyson range, is bagless. Hold it over the bin, or a black bag, press a button and out falls the dirt. It’s very hygienic and so great if you have allergies. You then just keep the filter clean by washing it every few months.

The classic Henry vacuum cleaners

The Harry vacuum cleaner from Numatic

Now when it comes to cleaning, much of the British nation holds a soft spot in its heart for both Henry and his lovely lady Hetty but did you know there was a Charles and Harry too?

These cylinder vacuums with the big eyes and smiley mouth are a national institution.

These are bagged cleaners and by using special filtered self-sealing bags inside, you can ensure you keep as far away from dust as possible.

They come with an extra long 10m cord but the Dyson DC26 has a 6.5m lead that’s plenty long enough for most people who lack a lot of plug sockets or have a staircase to negotiate.

The DC26 also has an extra-long hose at 3.1m and what’s amazing is how the power lead can all be rewound into the body and the hose stored by wrapping it neatly around the vacuum.

Clever cleaner

If you’re lacking storage space then this is one clever cleaner. The only downside is because of the smaller chamber, you may need to empty it more often as it will fill up fast.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, it’s also important to look at the number of watts, this is a  sign of how powerful it will be. The DC26 is 1300 watts and coupled with its filtering system, it’s like the rest of the Dyson range and will keep sucking and sucking every last inch of dust and dirt out of your floor.

You’ll also get a five-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

When it comes to cleaning, it may be a real chore, but with the right vacuum cleaner at your disposal, it’ll do all the the hard work for you.