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Using Windows 7 Taskbar Features

The Windows 7 Taskbar has several new and improved features which will make navigation around you computer more simple and organised.


On the taskbar, you will see several program icons which are shortcuts. If you decide you want to add more of your favourite programs to this taskbar, simply find the program from the “Start” menu, right click on it and select “Pin to Taskbar.” This will instantly create a shortcut to your chosen program along the taskbar. If you change your mind, right click on the shortcut icon and select “Unpin from taskbar”.


If you right click on something in the taskbar, it will show you a list of your most used applications from that programme. For example, if you right click on Internet Explorer you will see your favourite websites. Right click again on one of these and you can choose to “pin” the option, so that it will always be there under your shortcut. You can do this for files, too. Your more regularly visited folders will appear, and you can choose to have whichever ones you want permanently available in this way.

Other Features

You will also notice that when a programme on the taskbar is running, it will be surrounded by a white box. This clearly shows which programmes are active and which are not.

Another new feature of the Windows 7 taskbar is the ability to view a mini preview of the documents you have open in each programme on the taskbar. If you hover your mouse above the programme, it will show small screens of each document so you can see what each program is up to.

If you have several tabs open in Internet Explorer, you can scroll through these by pressing control + tab.

Hopefully these new features will enhance your experience with your computer, and tidy up your desktop for a more organised work space!

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