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Using Windows 7 Parental Controls

To ensure that the material your child views on your computer and on the internet is suitable, you may want to alter parental controls.

Windows 7 has several options for altering these settings which can help to put your mind at rest.

Getting Started

First click on the “Start” button, and select the “Control Panel” button on the right. On the top right of the screen you will see an option called “User accounts and family safety” from which you can set up parental controls for any standard user. (Administrators of the computer cannot be restricted with what they view. For this reason, it’s a good idea for everyone in the family to have separate accounts.) Tick the Parental Controls box, which will turn it on and enable you to start making changes.

First of all, we have Time Limits. This option allows you to select the times at which the user may log on to the computer. This can prevent your kids spending all evening on the computer, when they could be doing the dishes!

You can also select the “Games” option, from which you can choose the game age rating that is suitable for your child. Now any game which is rated above the age you have selected will be automatically disallowed. You may choose to “Block or allow specific games”, so that you can customize which games the children have access to.

There is a similar option for programs, “Block or allow specific programs.” Once selected, the computer will generate a list of programs. From here you can manually go through the list and tick which programs the child may have access to.

Using the above features, you can feel assured that your child will only access programs that you deem suitable. Hopefully this will put your mind at rest, and your child can freely enjoy getting used to working with computers.

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