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Using the Mac Dock

There are many changes you can make to the dock on your Mac desktop.

Click on the Apple icon in the top left hand corner, and select System Preferences. Under “Personal” you will see a tab named Dock. From here you can adjust the size and magnification (the icons swell as your mouse hovers above them), using the sliding bar feature. You can also choose whether the dock is placed on the left, right, or bottom of the screen.

There is the option to minimize windows using the genie effect, which means that the windows slip off the screen in a genie-type fashion. Alternatively, you can opt for the scale effect, where the window simply disappears. The option “Minimize windows into application icon” is fairly self explanatory. Instead of the window minimizing into the bottom right hand corner, it will go into the icon of the application it came from. If you choose to “Animate opening applications”, the icon will bounce when you click on it.

There is also the option to automatically hide and show the dock. This means the dock will be hidden until you move your cursor right to the bottom of the screen, which is useful if you want extra desktop space.

A shortcut to this feature will give you the options above much quicker. Move the cursor to the bottom right where your documents are kept on the dock. You will see the cursor change to a faint line with an arrow above and below it. Control and click to view the menu of the above options.

To remove applications from your dock, simply click and drag them on to the desktop, and they will disappear in a puff of smoke! To add, find the application you want, and click and drag it on to the dock. You can do this for documents on the right hand side, as well.

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