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Unboxing the New Nintendo 3DS

If you are a hardcore gamer or new to the world of gaming, you’ll be truly delighted with the new Nintendo 3DS

It really is gaming at a whole new level. Enjoy 300 x 240 pixel resolution on the 3.53″ widescreen LCD display at the top and 3.02″ LCD touch screen at the bottom that has a 320 x 240 pixel resolution.

This gaming machine comes packed with 3 cameras, one inner and two outer cameras with 640*480 pixel resolution and wireless internet! The battery lasts up to five hours which is great for hardcore gamers and up to a whooping eight hours if the 3D mode is switched off.

You can take 3D photos and view them instantly on the 3D screen. Plus, you can watch films, manipulate MP3s, browse the net, play games online with friends or even use the 3DS as a pedometer (feature comes built-in).

So, what’s in the box? You’ll find :

  • 2GB SD card – making it even easier to share data
  • Built-in Face Raiders game
  • Six Augmented reality cards
  • Charger and cradle
  • Stylus

It’s extremely easy to use for those of you, like me, who have never taken a dive into the gaming world before.  All you do is turn it on, follow the setting up instructions (which takes seconds) and hey presto, you’re gaming before you know it! It’s very addictive when you see your world around you come to life in 3D. It’s truly amazing how this little device can bring a flat gaming card into a 3D animation that you interact with!

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