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Ultrabooks, Which One Is Best?

You may have read about them, and they have been a key feature at CES this year, but what exactly are ultrabooks, and should you buy one?

With all kinds of PCs, laptops and tablets clamouring for our attention and our money, the ultrabook has so far struggled to make a real impact.

But if Steve Jobs is to be believed (and he usually was), desktop PCs are on the way out. And as for laptops, the iPad and its Android rivals have been slowly chipping away at their sales.

But the traditional laptop has found a rival in the ultrabook – a lightweight, super slim laptop device that packs more of a punch than any tablet out there.

They sound very space age, and at the moment will take a decent chunk out of your wallet. But they have been hailed as the Next Big Thing for 2012, so which one should you go for?

Acer Aspire S Series

The ultrabook is the brainchild of the computer whizzes over at Intel, and the Acer Aspire S Series makes the most of Intel’s powerful hardware.

Featuring a 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor and a lithium-polymer battery, the S Series is lightning fast and will boot up in an instant. And all this inside a 13mm thick, 1.4kg body.

Asus Zenbook UX21E

Acer and Asus are the two big players in the ultrabook market, and at the moment it looks like they will take some beating.

The Asus Zenbook UX21E is even thinner than the Aspire S Series, if you can believe that. Measuring 9mm at the back and a miniscule 3mm at the front, it’s a wonder Asus managed to fit anything inside.

But they did, and with a Super Hybrid Engine II, as well as 4GB of Ram, the Asus Zenbook UX21E certainly packs a punch.

Apple MacBook Air

OK, so the Apple MacBook Air is not technically an ultrabook, but it might as well be. Apple was once again the innovator, and the MacBook Air paved the way for ultrabooks as companies tried to keep pace with the American giant.

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