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UK launch of OnLive Cloud Gaming Computer Service

OnLive has announced that it will launch its instant-play video game service on 22nd September at the opening of the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London.

The pioneering technology will showcase the 100 top-tier games which will be instantly available for play via almost any broadband internet connection throughout the UK.

Originally launched in the US last summer, the new OnLive technology allows gamers to play well-known titles using only broadband without having to initially download the entire game.

Games streamed to yout computer, TV or tablet

A code is stored on OnLive’s servers and the action packed game is streamed in real-time to the user’s computer, TV or tablet device.

OnLive also operates on Apple and Android systems, as well as HDTV.

The best part is that OnLive membership is free, providing instantly free demos of any game. Hailed as the ‘YouTube’ of games, OnLive has a number of games readily available at your fingertips.

The game titles released at the same time as consoles and PCs will be available under a range of price plans.


Onlive gaming service microconsole and controller OnLive MicroConsole™ HDTV adapter

OnLive has a flat rate PlayPack bundle which includes over 70 games, rentals and full purchases.

UK price plans are yet to be announced, however in the US most titles offer a three day pass for $5.99, a five day pass for $8.99 or a full price purchase between $20 and $60.


“OnLive will utterly transform gaming in the UK,” said OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman.

“No discs, big downloads or specialised hardware needed. OnLive gives you the latest games instantly, anytime, anywhere on HDTV, PC, Mac, as well as iPad, Android tablets. High-performance gaming as accessible as streaming video, with unique social features such as massive spectating with voice chat and Facebook integration.”

The instant play system is currently being worked into a partnership with BT so that BT customers will have access to exclusive bundles.