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Tune in to the best music gadgets

Bill Haley first told people to Rock Around The Clock back in 1954 – but with modern technology that really is possible in 2011.

From the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow again, there are appliances and gadgets to make sure you can enjoy your music collection at any time, anywhere.

Whether you’re catching a noisy train to the office or having friends round to party, the products below will keep you in tunes all day, and all of the night.

The Essential Purchase

Apple iPod touch 32GB 4th Gen

Personal music players come in all shapes and sizes, and at all type of prices, but there’s a reason that Apple’s iPod is so ubiquitous. The iPod touch – especially in its latest version – is simple to use, syncs effortlessly with your PC or Mac and will hold 7,000 songs on the 32GB model.

It also plays movies, stores photos, surfs the net and now even lets you make video calls using FaceTime to other latest iPod touch devices, the iPhone or Mac computers. If the price tag of around £250 is too much for you, try the very basic iPod Shuffle or mid-range iPod Nano. These come in around the £40 and £130 marks.

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Something To Wake Up To

Sony ICFC1IPMK2B.CEK Clock Radio with iPod Dock

There’s little point in having an iPod without a dock, and again there is a wide variety available to suit all needs and budgets. For something simple, that will wake you up each morning to your favourite tunes or radio station, you can’t go wrong with this clock radio
docking station from Sony.

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On The Train

Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Noise Reduction Headphones

Getting the train or tube to work can be a miserable experience at the best of times. Whether due to noise from the engine, commuters gossiping or children misbehaving – it’s not exactly the place to get immersed in the latest offering from Arcade Fire or Tinie Tempah.

However a good pair of noise reducing headphones can help all that external sound fade softly into the background. Buy a top-of-the-range pair, like these from Bose, and you won’t even remember that you’re on the train in the first place. Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible if you miss your stop.

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In The Car

Griffin 3.5mm Jack to 3.5mm Jack Cable

By far the cheapest product on my list, this simple cable is also arguably the most useful. It basically allows you to plug any iPod or MP3 player into any audio device with an AUX port,
which will include most car stereos and almost all home entertainment systems.

So if you drive to work, forget about more expensive and sometimes patchy FM tuners or trying to put your device on a tinny loudspeaker mode, just pick one of these up, and then plug, play, turn on and tune in.

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In The Office

Sony NWZB152B.CEW 2GB MP3 Player

Far be it from me to suggest you sneakily listen to music in your workplace, but if you really must then this MP3 player from Sony is tiny, looks like a USB stick, has discreet in-ear
headphones and, costing around £35, is more easily replaceable than an iPod if you have the sort of boss who may confiscate it.

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Back Home

PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour

Sometimes after listening to other people’s music all day, you want to create your own. So what better way to relax after a hard day at work, or entertain friends on the weekend, than
thrashing out some classic tracks?

This version of Guitar Hero comes with a very cool all-new axe included and the ability to add a microphone and drums. There is also a massive track listing ranging from Muse to Michael Jackson with tons more available to download. Just please remember to think of the neighbours!

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