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Transferring music to your MP3 player

There are lots of MP3 players on the market, from different manufacturers.

They all have:

  • Memory – the more your MP3 player has, the more songs and podcasts it will store.
  • Compatible audio formats – the people who produce music don’t all make the same kinds of files. But it’s ok, MP3 players are built to deal with different kinds of format.
  • Computer interface – most MP3 players use a USB connection to hook up to your computer.

So let’s transfer some tunes…

  1. If you want to transfer music from a CD or an online store, you’ll need music management software installed on your computer – so make sure this is in place. Many MP3 players come with this kind of software supplied. And your computer may already have this kind of software installed by the manufacturer. Popular music management software includes MusicMatch, iTunes and Sonic Stage.
  2. Sort out where the music you want to transfer is coming from – from CDs or an online store, for example.
  3. You must own the music you want to transfer, and it has to be in a format that’s easy for your MP3 player to read. These formats include AAC, MP3 and MP4.
  4. Turn your tunes into MP3s or other compatible formats.

If you’re downloading from the internet, the music files will most likely already be in a playable format. So skip to the last point.

  • Pop the CD into your computer.
  • Launch your music management software. If you’re connected to the internet, it should give you the name of the artist, the album title and the names of all the songs.
  • Check all your preferences for ripping/creating/importing. This should be under a main menu in your software.
  • Rip the CD. Usually there is a button on the software to do this. On iTunes it’s called Import, and is in the top right corner. On MusicMatch, it’s a bright red button called Record. You’ll find it in the Recorder Window.
  • When the rip/download has finished, you can transfer your tunes to your MP3 player using your music management software.

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