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Top Twitter accounts for techies

Move over Facebook, Twitter is the new king of social networks! At least, it is when it comes to the world of technology.

As every Twitter user knows, there is no better place on the web for the latest news and reviews from the tech world. And it is an invaluable source of a techie’s favourite thing: a nice juicy rumour.

There is an endless list of gadget websites, electronics companies, industry journalists, and general tech enthusiasts to choose from on Twitter.

But which ones are best? Here is our pick of the best and most trusted tech sources on the world’s second favourite social network.


This US website doesn’t just cover the latest gadgets and software, but everything from internet trends to the world of entertainment.

It also has a strong focus on social media, looking at all aspects of Facebook and Twitter et al. So who better to start following on a social networking site?

Guardian Tech

If you like your tech to be kept nice and newsy, look no further than the Guardian Tech Twitter account. With regular updates, you’ll never be too far behind the breaking news of the day.


Everyone loves Apple, and everyone loves a rumour. So this account is a match made in heaven for any tech addict out there.

And with 2012 gearing up to be a big year for the American tech giant, there is sure to be plenty of activity on MacRumours.

You may have seen the odd article from our friends over at T3 pop up on Pluggedin now and again, and who can blame us?

The UK’s leading tech magazine offers news, reviews and features on pretty much anything that needs electricity.

Rory Cellan-Jones

If you haven’t heard of Rory Cellan-Jones, then you’re not a true techie. Cellan-Jones is the BBC’s technology correspondent, and is always first to the punch when it comes to breaking tech news.

There are hundreds of great Twitter tech accounts out there, and unfortunately we can’t include them all. Let us know if there are any extra special ones we’ve missed.