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Top Tips when Buying a New Computer

Check out our video giving you all the info you need to buy a new computer. Also, see below for some of the terms you’re most likely to come across explained in plain English.

PC, Laptop or Netbook

If you haven’t bought a computer in a while, you first need to consider what type you want. There are PCs, laptops and netbooks. A netbook is very portable due to its size, but is designed to carry out fairly simple tasks. But no matter how different these types are, they all share a common feature; the processor. The more things you expect your computer to do, the better the processor needs to be. (Laptops can now have an Ultra Low Voltage processor which extended battery life). Intel and ADM are the main processor manufacturers.


The memory of a computer will be referred to as RAM, and measured in gigabytes. A larger number of gigabytes will enable you to run more programmes efficiently at the same time. The storage is the space that the hard disk has for photos, documents and music. This is also measured in gigabytes, and the more gigabytes you have, the more storage will be available.

Screen Size

Also, consider the screen size that would be best for you. If you will be using your computer for complicated spreadsheets, viewing films and playing games you may want to opt for a bigger screen. The operating system is another term you may come across, but this will usually be pre-loaded on to your computer so you don’t have to worry about which one to go for.

Optical Drives, Wireless, HDMI and Blu-ray

There are a few more technical terms you may want to know about, too. The optical drive is the device with which you can play and record discs such as DVDs and CDs. The term “wireless” means that your computer will automatically connect to the internet without the need to plug it in to the network. An HDMI output means that you can connect your computer to a HD source or HD TV. And finally, blu ray; you will only be able to watch blu ray discs if your computer is enabled to do so.

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