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Top Technology Tips for Dad on Father’s Day

They say it’s not the giving, it’s the thought that counts. But what do you buy the man who has everything for Father’s Day? Well, more technology is always a good start because a man can never have enough.

Father’s Day takes place on Sunday June 19 so there’s still plenty of time to find that perfect present for your papa. And if he loves gadgets, then he’s bound to love these tech tips we’ve come up with in advance of the big day.

As well as picking out a couple of the coolest electronic gifts around, we’ve found some ace apps, websites and ideas for ensuring even the most committed gizmo lover has their addiction fed.

If you can’t find him a gift in time, just present him with the link to this article. It’s just as good Dad. Honest!

Mac App Store / Intel App Up

Apps aren’t just for mobile phones these days. The Mac App Store can be accessed by clicking on the little Apple icon in the top left of an iMac or MacBook. Inside you’ll find thousands of small bits of software from games to time-saving utilities, with many of them available for free. Not to be left out, the Intel version is designed for PC laptops and netbooks and now features the massive hit Angry Birds. Get dad downloading.

Asus EEE Pad Transformer

When is a laptop not a laptop? When it’s a tablet computer too. Club together as a family and get your father one of these and you’ll never hear a peep out of him again. Running the latest Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb software, the screen detaches from the keyboard to create a portable touch tab with two cameras for him to stay in touch with you using Skype video calls. Then, should he need to do something more important than having fun, it slots back into the keys and turns back into the perfect device for working.

Rocket Bunnies

From the people who brought you Angry Birds and Cut The Rope comes yet another addicitive iPhone game for him to get to grips with. Rocket Bunnies sees players race through space as a hungry bunny on a rocket to collect all the carrots it can find! There’s 61 levels and it’s available for the iPad too.

Star Wars Kinect

Never moan about your dad because it could be worse, you could be Luke Skywalker and he could be Darth Vader. You can’t buy this for him just yet but whet his appetite for galactic battles by sitting him in
front of the computer and showing him the trailer to what could be the best Xbox 360 Kinect game ever. Due out later this year, it is controlled with the
player’s body movement to swing lightsabers and use the force.

Gordon Ramsay Searing Griddle and Waffle Maker

If the only time dad pops pops into the kitchen is to moan the kettle isn’t on, then try and encourage his culinary side with this kit from the most manly of celebrity chefs. The Searing Griddle is like a smaller version of the hot plate used in his local café and after one fried breakfast made on it, he’ll be cooking up more bacon and eggs than you could ever eat, acting like he’s the bloke from the greasy spoon. The Waffle Maker is also a fraction of the cost of other models and there’s nothing most dads like more than a tasty fattening desert covered in layers of ice-cream.

Astrolux Reflector Telescope

Not all gadgets and technology needs to be plugged into the mains or contain batteries. Go back to basics with this £75 telescope endorsed by astronomy guru Sir Patrick Moore. With the likes of Professor Brian Cox making science cool once again, your father will be able to stare at the sky at night and spot the stars and planets. Just watch out if you still live at home with him, as he might point it down the road and keep an eye out for when you come trudging down the street in the early hours of the morning.