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Top Siri alternatives for Android

Apple’s iPhone 4S may have disappointed a lot of people by not being an iPhone 5, but it still proved to be a hugely popular device.

One of the most exciting aspects of Apple’s latest smartphone was Siri – the handy voice activation software that delighted and entertained users everywhere.

Siri was of course not without its problems (as users in Scotland will attest to), but it is the first incantation of a software we’re sure to see more of in the future.

Google certainly thinks Siri-like software is here to stay, and is reported to be preparing its own version to rival Apple’s iPhone assistant.

Dubbed Google Assistant, the software is said to be more ‘goal-orientated’ than Siri – a ‘do-engine’ as opposed to a ‘search engine’.

According to some reports, the software has been in development since long before Siri made an appearance, and will be ready to roll by the end of this year.

But if you’re an Android user and simply cannot wait until then, fear not! There are plenty of Siri-style apps out there for Android. Here are some of the best.


One of the best Siri-style voice assistants out there, EVA (or EVAN, if you’d prefer a picture of man on the app) is all about pure helpfulness.

You won’t find some of the quirky responses that Siri has become famous for, but the list of things that EVA can do is very impressive. EVA is a pricey app though, at £6.39.


A free voice assistant app, Jeannie won’t do quite as much as EVA (and nowhere near as much as Siri) but is still a decent app if you don’t want to shell out.


Another free app, Skyvi was hastily put together to capitalise on the popularity of Siri, and it certainly shows. Skyvi seems to be designed to be the go-to app for pointless trivia, but it will also access Facebook and Twitter.