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Top Money-Saving Gadgets

From the Twitter-enabled kettle to the vacuuming robot Roomba, gadgets can be an expensive and superfluous hobby. Some people think that the only gadget able save money would be an automatically-locking wallet. Well, they’re wrong. Read on for today’s top money-saving gadgets

OWL Energy Monitor

OWL promises to keep a watchful eye on your electricity consumption. Cheaper energy bills are three simple steps away: Clip one end over your electricity meter, set-up the monitor in a visible place and nag everyone in your household.

The monitor tells you your usage in watts or pounds, so visualising your saving is easy. And at only £26, it should make its price back in no time.

Vexia Econav GPS Sat Nav

A quality GPS will let you know the shortest route, avoid petrol-intensive motorways and skip traffic jams. The Vexia Econav goes even further, analysing your driving style and informing you how economically you’re doing.

The Econav offers fuel savings of 15-40%, and with petrol prices higher than ever, the humble GPS could see a money-saving comeback. For even cheaper, however, try the…

HTC Wildfire

The cheapest of the Android phones, it’ll let you use Google Navigation as a sat nav – for absolutely free. It also offers a huge range of other money-saving apps, including:


No more computer games bills as there are thousands of free ‘uns.


Give up on paper and download newspapers RSS streams for free daily updates.

Red Laser

Scan product barcodes and wait for the app to tell you where you can buy the product cheapest.


Keep Skype signed in and you’ll be able to make VoiP calls to other Skype users with no call charges.

Get the Wildfire on Three and you’ll even get unlimited bandwidth, meaning no mortifying data bill.

Shower Gadgets- Aerator & Heat Recovery System

The only non-electric gadget to make the list: shower accessories. Install a special aerating shower-head and you’ll feel like there’s more water on you – letting you use less water. Check out hippyshopper for a review on the water-bill reducing tech.

You can also add a heat recovery system – which transfers heat from waste water into the fresh water, reducing the need to heat fresh water. It’s a relatively new technology, as you can probably tell by its basic website.

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