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Top Health Apps; How Smartphones are Improving Our Health

Health and fitness apps are attracting more and more users every day. We pick out some of the best health apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users.

Whether it’s due to the fact that the Smartphone market is expanding and reaching older populations or because the apps world is becoming more detailed and accurate to every user, the fact is that health apps are used by a large number of people nowadays.

Last year, the Californian Health Care Foundation (US) highlighted the importance of health and fitness apps in a report called “How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care for Consumers and Providers.”

The study focused on the use of Smartphones by both consumers and providers of health care and its consequences. It concluded that the uptake of applications related to health and health care is rapidly increasing.

According to the study, in February 2010, there were nearly 6,000 of such apps within the Apple AppStore. Of these, 73% were intended for use by consumer or patient end-users, while 27% were targeted to health care professionals.

These apps cover a broad spectrum. Nutrition and fitness are undoubtedly the most popular. Diet and calorie counters, pregnancy and ovulation, emotional wellbeing or even diagnostic and first aid tools are also available for our Smartphones, usually at quite reasonable prices.

Regular consumers are not the only users of these apps. Professional medics also take advantage of apps that include alerts, medical reference tools, diagnostic tools, continuing medical education, and patient record programs.

Here is a brief list of the top health and fitness apps available for popular Smartphone devices. Check the App Store on your phone to improve your health now.

Top Health Apps for BlackBerry:

1) In Case of Emergency
2)Calorie Counter
3)Endomondo Sports Tracker
4) Adidas miCoach
5) Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker.

Top Health Apps for iPhone:

1) Calorie Counter
2) Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
3) WebMD
4)8 Minutes Abs Workout
5) Nike Training Club.

Top Apps for Android:

1) Calorie Counter
2) My Tracks
3) Endomondo Sports Tracker
4) Noom Weight Loss
5) Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal.

Do you have a favourite health app that you use on a regular basis? Is there an app we’ve failed to cover in this list? Share your ideas and top tips for health apps with us.