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Top Gadgets for New Parents

Here you will find some ideal gadgets to help remember the early days with your little ones!

Capture that first smile with the PANASONIC DMC-FS30EB-K compact camera!

We all know how important is to capture all those priceless moments from your baby’s first smile to him clapping his hands for the first time. With the PANASONIC DMC-FS30EB-K camera, ideal for your man’s pocket or your handbag, you’ll never miss another special moment.

The FS30 with 14MP and 8x optical zoom lens captures beautiful shots of your baby and other scenery such as landscapes and architecture. The 28mm wide angle lens allows you to capture large groups of people (so ideal for when all your family come to visit) or any outdoor scenery.

The LCD screen automatically adjusts the brightness in 11 steps according to shooting conditions giving you perfect result every time.

Record every moment with the Flip Ultra II HD8GB Hard Drive HD Camcorder

It’s always such an incredible feeling watching back those special videos of your baby doing something priceless or newly learnt skills.

The Flip Ultra II HD8GB Hard Drive HD Camcorder, the worlds simplest 8GB HD camcorder, is small enough to take with you anywhere ensuring you capture all those unmissable moments.

With a built-in flip out USB arm, it couldn’t be easier to upload content to your PC to share with all your friends.

Listen and relax with the Samsung Sew 3030 Baby Monitor

Every new parent tries to act relaxed when their baby goes to bed, but we all know its normally quite a tense time. The Samsung Sew 3030 Baby Monitor features a 3.5″ colour LCD screen makes viewing your baby easy and comes in a sleek modern black design.

The monitor features the latest GFSK signal technology ensuring an interference free reception. The Samsung Baby Monitor also allows for up to 4 cameras to be viewed via the single parent unit making this video baby monitor ideal for twins monitoring.

Alongside standard features such as two-way audio, lullaby player and sound activation, sits a built-in thermometer allowing the temperature of the room where the camera is situated to be displayed on the parent monitor and unique integration with web-based video chat applications such as Skype, MSN and Yahoo.

Using Skype it is possible to set Samsung’s baby monitoring system to automatically answer your call making it a piece of cake to remotely view from anywhere in the world.

Cooking made easy the touch control Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ microwave

When you havent got much time on your hands and you need to whip up something for the family, including your little one, the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ Touch Control Mircowave in stainless steel can be used in dual combination.

It has an inverter system for fast and effective cooking and the slimline design fits on a 50cm worktop. The microwave power output is a powerful 1000 watts and comes with 6 microwave power settings, 3 grill power settings and 10 convection oven settings.

The convection temperature ranges from 100 to 220C and has 10 programmes. The auto start/cook comes with 10 settings as well as an auto weight defrost. The display has touch controls and has a sleek silver stainless steel exterior finish. The interior capacity is 27 litres and a 34cm diameter rotating turntable. But best of all, it comes with a child safety lock!

No more crumbs with the Black and Decker PV1805N-GB hand held cleaner

It’s quite a struggle to keep the house always looking freshly hoovered when you are looking after little ones. They have a habit of creating a bit of a mess on carpets and other surfaces and we dont always have time to get the hoover out to give the lounge a blitz.

With the nifty little Black and Decker PV1805N-GB hand held cleaner and its 12V power, you have maximum cleaning performance and efficiency at your hands; it’s ideal for the more demanding clean-up tasks too. The pivoting nose enables easy cleaning of areas difficult to reach and comes with 10 settings for maximum flexibility. You can even clean under cupboards or on shelves overhead.

The cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter maintaining optimum suction power and double action filtration means it performs better and lasts longer. The built-in extendable crevice tool enables deep cleaning of confined spaces/small areas and the innovative design is unique and stylish.

Blend it up with the Kenwood HB665 hand blender

When your baby is starting on solids, blenders are such a priceless tool to have in the kitchen. The Kenwood HB665 hand blender has 2 speed settings, pulse control, includes a chopper, whisk and a 0.7 litre calibrated beaker with dual function rubber base/lid for food storage.

It’s actually three products in one. It’s a food preparation set including a hand blender, mini chopper and whisk and is designed to make so many daily kitchen tasks that little bit easier.

The hand blender has high quality stainless steel blades and a detachable stainless steel wand for smooth and thorough blending. Unlike plastic, stainless steel is safe to be used in hot liquids, will not stain and is dishwasher safe for easier cleaning.

The mini chopper will chop meat, vegetables nuts, herbs, spices and vegetables and will make tasty dips and sauces. The chopper bowl also has a rubber base that can be taken off, turned over and used as a lid for storage. The balloon whisk is ideal for easy preparation of cream, mousses and egg whites.

Warm it up with the Tommee Tippee Bottle and Food Warmer

When preparing your milk and keeping your baby’s food warm, the Tommee Tippee Bottle and Food Warmer is a safe and easy gadget to use.

It is ready within minutes and the thermostatic control avoids over-heating/boiling.

This makes it a safe alternative to jugs of hot water and avoids the possibility of hot spots when using microwaves.

Protect your little one with the Tommee Tippee Electronic Steam Steriliser

When babies are very young, we need to protect them from any germs and possible bacteria that lays in their bottles, spoons and bowls. The Tommee Tippee Electronic Steam Steriliser holds 6 Closer to Nature bottles with accessories.

It has a 5 minute cycle time to sterilise your baby’s feeding equipment extra quickly yet just as effectively. The sleek and clean-looking oval shape mimics the shape of the Closer to Nature bottle and takes up less space on the kitchen workbench.

There are purpose-built slots for six bottles, teats and even dome tops as well as space for the tube attachments from the Closer to Nature anti-colic pus bottles. The button glows orange when switched on and goes off when the cycle is finished five minutes later (allow three minutes to cool down), enabling you to know it’s all done.

The steriliser stays sterile for a full 24 hours provided the lid remains closed. It comes with a starter kit including 1 x 150ml BPA free Closer to Nature easi-vent bottles, bottle brush and a pair of teat tongs.

Rest Assured with the Mothercare Digital Fever Alert Thermometer

Being new parents, we all want absolute reassurance when it comes to the health of our babies. With the Mothercare Digital Fever Alert Thermometer, you can be guaranteed of that.

It gives accurate oral and underarm temperature readings and has a red light fever alert indicating when baby has a temperature.

The memory feature recalls previous readings and the best of all is that it is suitable from birth.