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Top five free apps for Apple iPhone

Apps are a modern day phenomenon. They help smartphone users everywhere to kill time on the commute, organise information, and generally help us sort our lives out.

The Apple app store now boasts over half a million apps, with one for pretty much anything you can think of. And the best part? Thousands of them are completely free.

Apple still dominates the smartphone market, with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and even the iPhone 3GS still selling by the bucket-load.

So with that in mind, which are the best apps for the iPhone? Here is our pick of our favourite free iPhone apps.

Magic Piano

Music fans will love Magic Piano, which lets you play a whole host of songs. This app will teach you how to play all kinds of tunes, from classical classics to pop anthems.

Simply follow the beams of light to learn the song, and then share the results with more than four million other Magic Piano players.


No iPhone would be complete without the Facebook app, which lets you carry on social networking when you’re out and about.

This app is basically a condensed version of Facebook, and you can still upload photos, make status updates, and keep an eye on what your friends are up to.

Movie Quizzle 2

Fancy yourself as a bit of a film buff? Movie Quizzle 2 will find out if you really know your stuff or if you are actually just a part-time film fanatic.

You can either play the solo version or go head-to-head with other players around the world. With new quizzes added every day, you’ll never get bored of testing your movie knowledge.

Zombie Farm

There are plenty of Zombie-based apps and games out there, but if you’re tired of just killing them or running away from them, Zombie Farm is for you.

Basically Farmville but with Zombies, Zombie Farm lets you grow your own army of the undead. When you’ve harvested a bumper crop, you can test your Zombie against enemies.

Talking Pierre the Parrot

Ever wondered what you might sound like if you were a Parrot? Let’s face it, who hasn’t? Talking Pierre the Parrot is app that gives you a parrot in your pocket. Simply talk to Pierre, and he will repeat every word you say.