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Top 5 Things to Buy on Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday – the busiest day for internet shopping in the run up to Christmas. Looking for some inspiration on what to buy this Cyber Monday? Check out our five top picks on what gadgets and gifts to buy below.

Handheld Games Console

More and more consumers are falling in love with handheld gaming. Sure, you can play games on tablets like the Apple iPad 2, but if you want to experience a whole new level of gaming activity, you will need to get your own handheld games console. And when better to buy one than in the run up to Christmas? One of the best handheld gaming devices is the Nintendo 3DS, but there are others to choose from including the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DSi. Read our guide on buying a handheld games console.


Notebooks are set to be big sellers this Christmas. But which one to buy? There are plenty on the market to choose from, but if you are looking for a good value option then computer giant Acer’s latest offering the Aspire S Series – a lightweight, ultra-fast, ultra-slim piece of kit – could be worth checking out.

The latest in their line of notebooks, the S Series sees Acer going all minimalist on us, with a sleek design, a wafer-thin LCD display, and as few ports as they could get away with. Check out the video and more specs for yourself.


If you don’t know what a tablet device is, the answer is, you do. It’s called the iPad. The iPad 2 dominates the tablet market globally. But is it the best? There are plenty of competitors out there: The BlackBerry PlayBook, the Sony Tablet S, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Acer Eee Pad Transformer – the choice is endless, depending on your requirements and exact budgets.
Tablets are great companion devices to go alongside laptop and desktop PCs. Check our list of things to look for before you buy a tablet.

Digital Cameras

Although you may have a good – even great – camera as part of your phone these days, there’s nothing better than owning a piece of technology that is dedicated to one particular activity. If you are a keen amateur photographer then a compact digital camera is a must-have. They make the perfect Christmas gift, too. Digital cameras are generally split into two camps, Compact and Digital SLR. The former are smaller, cheaper and automatic, whereas the latter are larger with many more settings to give you far more scope when capturing shots. Follow our guide on what to look for before you buy.

Christmas Gifts for Him & Her

There are also plenty of lower cost electrical gadgets that make the perfect gift to buy in the run-up to Christmas, too. Looking to buy a man a gift? Electric shavers and beard trimmers are becoming increasingly popular and make for a great gift. But it’s not easy picking from the wealth of electric shaving products on offer. Follow our guide to buying

Looking for a gift for her? Hair straighteners are popular with most women these days, as curly hair is in general not on-trend. But fellas, it’s a minefield to get the buying right. So before you do anything, check out our guide. Feeling exceptionally brave? You could buy an iron!