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Top 11 games for 2011

The past 12 months saw some of the best console, PC and handheld game releases in recent years.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mass Effect 2, Gran Turismo 5 and the arrival of PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect were just some of the highlights and got fingers sore from button pushing while bodies ached from all that jumping around.

And with January a traditionally quiet month for new releases, there’s no better time to look ahead at what games you should be saving up for.

So here are my 11 to watch for in 2011 – there’s plenty to suit every gaming taste from shooting aliens to smacking tennis balls.


Out January 21 – PS3 (Move compatible)

Destined to hit the top of the charts as soon as it hits your Sony console, this follow-up to the massive seller once again stars the cuddly soft toy Sackboy. Explore more than 40 new levels, create your own ones too and share the experiences together with friends online. The last game saw more than 2.5 million user generated levels – and this will undoubtedly be even more creative and successful. There is even a 10 level demo to try out with the Move controller.


Out September – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

When the Dark Knight flew to No1 with the award-winning Arkham Asylum, many were surprised that a superhero game could actually be so addictive and phenomenally well made. So there are high hopes for this sequel, which sees Gotham City’s finest battling foes inside the city walls housing thugs, gangsters and some recognisable criminal masterminds.


Out late 2011 – Xbox 360

A Microsoft exclusive, fans will be looking for this third episode in the series to recapture the shock horror and thrills of the original. Marcus Fenix returns to lead his team with the promise of breathtaking graphics and a disturbing cinema-style story charting his battle with the Locust Horde. With one of the best Xbox Live multiplayer experiences around, it’s sure to be a best-seller.


Out TBC 2011 – Nintendo Wii

I’ve been playing Link’s fantasy adventures for more than 20 years and the Zelda franchise remains as exciting as it was back then. This version will use the MotionPlus controller for the Wii-mote to give precise swipes of Link’s sword and accurate firing from his trusty bow. It’s set to be yet another Nintendo classic.


Out Autumn 2011 – Xbox 360 (Kinect compatible)

The ultimate Xbox 360 racer returns with its heady mix of great graphics and great cars. But this time, it gets an overhaul under the bonnet to add Kinect. Just imagine sitting on the sofa and driving your racing motor simply through your hand and body movements. Wowser!


Out TBC 2011 – PS3 (Move compatible)

Another movement game this time from Sega’s stable, exclusively for Sony. Virtua Tennis is a sporting classic both for the arcades and consoles so the promise of being able to lob, volley and smash with the Move controller acting as your racquet is as salivating as strawberries, cream and champagne at Wimbledon. It will also support 3D technology say its makers.


Out April 2011 – PS3/Xbox 360

The legendary minds behind Grand Theft Auto turn their attention to gangsters in Los Angeles. This open ended virtual world is full of corruption, drugs and jazz and looks like it could be one of 2011’s most enthralling titles with a truly epic and cinema-like experience on the cards.


Out September 16 2011 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

This brand-new first-person shooter has the heritage of gaming technology from legendary Doom creator id. So expect plenty of gunplay in a futuristic world filled with scavenging gangs. They’ve been left with nothing after an asteroid hits Earth. Nasty!


Out TBC 2011 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

From the publisher who brought you Fallout comes another world where everything isn’t as it should be. Instead of nuclear war, it’s floods that have caused chaos and left a civil war raging among the numerous floating islands that are left on the planet.


Out TBC 2011 – Xbox 360 (Kinect compatible)

Very little is known about this title except it’s going to be based on the characters and planets created by George Lucas. Featuring Kinect, it must surely be designed to allow you to wave a virtual lightsaber like the Jedi Master you wished you were. And if you need some Star Wars action on your PC to keep you happy then THE OLD REPUBLIC is a massively multiplayer title out in 2011 too bringing World of Warcraft gameplay to the Empire and Galaxy.


Out March 4 2011 – Nintendo DS

With all eyes on the new 3D DS, it’s refreshing to see old favourites never die. You’ve got to catch ‘em all once again as more monsters return in a completely new Pokemon adventure that will keep the kids quiet throughout the Easter holidays!