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Top 10 Tips on Choosing a Washing Machine

Before you choose your new washing machine think about what type of washing you do, how often and when. Here are 10 things to consider before you buy and the benefits they could bring:

1. Wash More, Less Often

Clothes Pile

Today’s machines have a much bigger wash load capacity than they did 6/7 years ago (on average 5kg) – now they are able to wash up to 11kg which is equivalent of 55 men’s shirts (as a rule of thumb every 1kg = 5 men’s shirts) but still in the same size unit. By choosing a larger capacity machines you could halve the amount of loads that you have to do, saving both time and money on running costs. Some machines will also have special programmes for large bulky items like duvets – so no more trips to the dry cleaners. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a full load as many machines allow you to select half load option and some of the more advanced models will weigh the load before the start of the cycle and then decide exactly how much water is required and how long the programme should last.

2. Save Money on Drying Costs

Hoover Washing Machine

Next think about how dry you would like the clothes to be when they come out of the machine, as spin speeds can vary from 1000 to 1600 spin. For every 200 jump in spin the clothes will come out on average 10% dryer – so if you are using a tumble dryer, by choosing a higher spin speed machine will save you money on how long you have to dry it for. Also some people shy away from high spin speeds thinking that it will damage their clothes but there are special programmes for more delicate clothes which will pre-set the spin speed to a much lower speed than the full capability of the washer

3. Do You Want an Outfit in a Hurry?

Many machines now have a quick wash function whereby they will wash a reduced load size in as little as 15 minutes. Some washing machines also have a reduced time option, like Bosch with their SpeedPerfect, which can reduce selected programmes’ wash times by up to 60%.

4. Wash at a Time to Suit You

Another thing to consider is when you want to do your washing – do you want it to run while you are out or overnight to benefit from the cheaper electricity rates. If so then look for delayed start which will allow you to start the machine at a time to suit you.

5. What Type of Clothes Do You Wash Most Often?

Do you have a sporty family, do you have a lot of hand washing, do you wash a lot of jeans. Many washers today have more programmes than just a cotton wash, with special ones for sportswear which works hard to remove dirt, hand wash which is exceptionally delicate to ensure that even woollens keep their shape and jeans cycles which help to maintain the colour of the denim.

6. Seen But Not Heard

Many people complain how noisy their washing machine is, unfortunately at the moment manufacturers do not have to disclose their noise level, however with the new energy label coming in from April this year, all new machines must submit this information. There are some manufacturers whose machines are renowned for being very quiet including Panasonic, LG and Miele.

7. Steamy Benefits

The latest innovation into the market is Steam washing machines, these work exactly the same way as a normal washing machine but inject steam into the wash cycle. Steam washers have been proven to remove more household allergens, than non-steam machines, as steam can maintain the optimum heat ,unlike water. It can also save water as the particles are smaller and can penetrate fabrics better. The steam refresh cycle on these machines can also make light work of ironing by removing creases. These types of washers are available from LG, Hotpoint, Hoover and now Miele.

8. Looks Matters

Where are you going to put your washing machine, if in the kitchen what colour are your other appliances? White is the most popular colour in washing machines but many now come in silver, black and even stainless steel.

9. Reliability

If you have the budget it is worth spending a bit more as even though many features are available on cheaper models you will get a better build quality and benefit from better reliability. Many of the more expensive models come with a 2 year warranty as standard, such as Bosch, LG and Panasonic and on some Miele and Siemens machines they have a 5 or 10 year warranty.

10. Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Recommended

By law all washing machines have to inform customers of their energy rating. Today all washing machines are a minimum of A energy rating; however there are more and more washing machines now available which are A+, A++ and even A+++. An A+ rated model is 10% more energy efficient than and A , A++ is 20% more and A+++ is a whopping 30% more energy efficient. One thing to bear in mind is that although a 10kg A rated machine versus a 5kg A rated machine will cost more per wash you will do more washing in one load so by kg it will work out cheaper.

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