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Top 10 Festival Essentials

So aside from the obvious 5 (tent, sleeping bag, ticket, ID and money), what are the essentials that every festival goer should pack?

Remember, this is England and we are prone to the occasional shower.. Also, you never know what crazy things will happen at a festival so best to be prepared for any eventuality!


As well as the crowds of people, being in a field at night can be very disorientating. Add a few beers into the mix and you may never find your way back to the tent.

This is where a torch proves invaluable. Whether you go for an expensive heavy duty one or a cheap Eco-friendly wind-up jobby, a torch is a must.

Wet wipes

For a long festival like Glastonbury, you could well be going up to 5 days without a shower. This plus some hardcore raving means that before long you’ll end up smelling like a tramp’s sock.

The answer.. a wet-wipe shower. If not for yourself, then do it for everyone else..


Remember, this is England, not California. So, if the heavens do decide to open, make sure you arm yourself with some decent wellies. There’s nothing worse than walking around all day with soaking wet feet.. trust me.

Top tip: in hot conditions, fill your wellies up with water and transform them into instant beer coolers!


Great for capturing memories of your fav bands, your mates doing the craziest things or even just for trying to remember what happened the night before!

Word of warning, in all the festival crowds, it’s easy to drop and loose cameras so make sure yours has a case and a secure strap.

PluggedIn recommends : Nikon Coolpix s2500p (for girls) and Nikon Coolpix s2500b (for boys)


If you do get separated from the group, having your mobile fully charged and primed with all your friends’ digits could prove vital. Also, these days, your mobile doubles as a handy camera/camcorder and also provides you with a link to the outside world.. if you care!

Top tip: turn off Bluetooth, 3G and WI-FI, turn your screen brightness right down and switch to vibrate to maximize the use from your battery.


Keeping all your festival tech juiced up and ready to go is going to be a struggle when you are constantly updating your Twitter with all your festival antics or taking piccies of your fav bands. Some festivals will have designated charging areas but be warned, the queues can be ridiculous. This is where a charger comes in handy.

There are tons of chargers available but if you are especially Eco conscious, there are a number of solar powered devices on the market for you to get your hands on. We recently reviewed the new FreeLoader Classic solar charger and thought it was great. You can read the full review here!


Yes, you will look ridiculous in a poncho.. FACT! But regardless, they are great for keeping you nice and dry if the heavens do decide to open. Plus they are small enough to keep in your pocket or bag. Undeniably a festival essential.

Folding chair

I really cannot express how important it is to have a decent place to sit down at a festival. After being out all day on your feet, the last thing you want to do is sit down on a waterlogged muddy floor.

Folding chairs start from as little as £10 and most come with a handy hole in the arm rest to put your beer in. Sit down, crack open a cold one and relax. Job done!

Sun cream

Spending all day in the sun with very little shade will take it’s toll on your skin. That’s why it’s always handy to keep a bottle of sun cream in your bag so you can top up as the day goes on.


Having a strong, comfortable bag at a festival is a good call. Chances are, you’ll be spending most of your day out and about away from the campsite so you’ll need somewhere to store your kit (torch, extra clothes, phone, camera, beers etc..).

Top tip: a bag also doubles as an umbrella/hat!


Do you have a festival essentials list of your own? Let us know if there’s something you think should have made our top 10!