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The 10 best kitchen essentials for under £50

If you’ve spent nearly your entire kitchen budget on granite worktops or that humungous fridge/freezer you just couldn’t live without, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford to fit out the rest of it.

Here I’ve picked out 10 of the best gadgets and appliances for your kitchen, all costing under £50 (if you shop around).

Whether you want to make the perfect cup of coffee, toasted sandwiches or low fat burgers, it’s all covered.

Coffee makers

A good cup of coffee is an essential start to the day for many of us. And for people on the go, a coffee machine is seen as an essential kitchen utensil these days.

Coffee machines range in price and functions but you can pick up a basic model for under £50.

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Kettles and toasters

No kitchen is complete without a kettle and a toaster. Whether you’re after the Rolls Royce of products which will toast 5 slices at a time and boil water instantly or just a plain and simple model, you’ll be able to choose form a wide range for under £50.

What’s more, why not even match your toaster/kettle combo to the rest of your kitchen? Red, blue, yellow, white or black, whatever your colour, there’s a toaster/kettle combo to match!

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Just like mobile phones, microwaves have gotten smaller and cheaper over the years. And while you can still spend hundreds of pounds if you wish, bargains microwaves are still available and have everything you need to safely cook, defrost and reheat your food.

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Mixers and blenders

As all budding chefs will know, half your time is usually spent in preparation, This is where mixers and blenders are worth their weight in gold!

With a large variety on the market to shave your time chopping, grating and mixing by hand, these really are the ultimate pre-cooking tool and luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent one.

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Water Filters

Fed up with splashing out on expensive bottled water but want something purer than what comes out of the tap? A water filter is the answer.

Just make a note that you will need to buy the filters separately.

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Slow cookers

Otherwise known as ‘crock-pots’, these handy little cookers specialise in simmering all manner of food over a long period of time. Perfect for leaving something to slowly cook while you utilise oven and hob space for other more time-essential cooking.

Baking, boiling, frying or even roasting, slow cookers are a great addition to any kitchen.

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Smoothie Makers

An easy and fun way to get your five a day. Just throw your favourite fruit in and watch the magic happen.

Some smoothie makers even come with handy travel mugs so you can take the finished drink to work with you in the morning. An quick and easy way to prepare a healthy drink every day.

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Health Grills

George is almost as famous for his grills as for his boxing career and when you first use one you’ll find out why.

The unique grooved design helps you cut down on fat content, while still enjoying your favourite foods such as burgers and sausages. There are all shapes and sizes available, but the most compact version is a perfect starter – and amazing value for under £50!

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Is there anything better than the smell of freshly cooked bread that you get from the bakery?

Well why not make your own with a bread maker! Perfect for budding bakers with a little bit of extra time in the evenings or weekends. Mix and match flavours to create your own sweet or savory breads or cakes in the comfort of your own home.

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Ice Cream makers

When it comes to frozen treats, ice cream is always top of the list with a variety that’s second to none in the desert category.

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth or just for experimenting with, re-create your favourite ice cream flavours, sorbets or yogurts with your own ice cream machine. Then share with friends at a party or eat the whole lot yoursef!

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Remember, gadgets and gizmos aren’t always just found in the living room. There is plenty of kit available for the kitchen, so don’t settle for 20th century appliances when you can have some fun with a 21st century cooking and living experience.

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