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Top 10 best baby products

Having a baby and don’t know where to begin? Well here’s a pretty good place – as I bring you 10 products to help give your newborn the best start in life.

And there are a couple of little treats for mum and dad in there too.

Magimix 18321/18328 Food Processor – £178.95

Worried about what your baby is eating? Then the best way is to prepare it yourself from scratch with a good food processor. The market-leading Magimix allows you to make food free from additives, preservatives and E numbers – and full of the nutrients and good stuff your child needs.

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Proline Travel Speaker – £39.99

Whether it’s tunes to relax mum in the delivery room or soothing music to help your baby sleep at night, an iPod dock is another perfect purchase when starting a family. And this handy and discreet travel version is under £25.

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Hotpoint FDF784K Dishwasher – £348.00

A dishwasher probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re about to give birth – but then you probably didn’t know that products in Hotpoint’s Aquarius+ range come with a special intensive Baby Cycle. This setting has been developed to guarantee absolute hygiene for baby bottles and accessories for extra piece of mind.

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Hotpoint BHWD129 Integrated Washer Dryer – £499.99

While you’re checking out the Hotpoint goods, it may be time to upgrade your washing machine and tumble dryer too – with this all-in-one. With all those extra outfits to clean, you’ll need it. There’s a special setting for toddlers too, which tackles tough stains like baby food, yoghurt, mud and grease – and it’s a great way to dry clothes quickly in winter.

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VAX V-028CC Carpet Cleaner – £149.95

Sorry to break this to you, but babies can be messy – especially their bodily fluids. But help is at hand for that light coloured carpet, as this machine will clean any mess from your floor, furniture or stairs.

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Samsung MW82N-B Microwave – £69.99

If you need to quickly heat a bottle or some food, then a microwave is another good purchase for your home and doesn’t need to break the bank. This Samsung model is a best seller and comes with an acrylic lining that makes it easier to clean. Perfect for splashes of baby mush.

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Bosch TDS2561GB Steam Generator Iron – £199.99

There’s going to be a lot more ironing when baby comes so why not upgrade to this Bosch. It is half price right now and has a permanent refill water tank that lets you whizz through all that pressing in no time. That will give you more hours to spend watching CBeebies.

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Hitachi DZHV584E Camcorder – £79.99

Don’t miss a minute of your child growing up, with this small and sleek digital video camera. Recording in HD on a computer memory card is so simple, even a baby could use it… although that’s not something I’d suggest you try.

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Nintendo Wii Black – £179.99

There won’t be much free time when you’re a parent, but if dad can snatch a moment to himself then what better way to spend it than playing games on a Wii. And with lots of titles aimed at helping develop youngsters’ brains and bodies, it won’t be long before your little one is joining in.

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HoMedics Foot Massager – £39.99

Hard day with the newborn? Then mum may appreciate a relaxing foot massage. It’s the perfect way to wind down.

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If you’re expecting a baby then best wishes for when it arrives. If you’ve got a baby already, then you’ve probably read this and realised you need it all. Now if only they could invent a machine to get you a few extra hours sleep, that really would be a best-seller.

* Prices correct at time of publishing