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Top 10 Apple Mac App Store apps

You can’t escape apps these days. They’re on your mobile phone, your tablet computer and iPad, even some TVs that can connect to the internet.

Intel is also working on its own AppUp developer program to create them for PCs, netbooks and

But if you own an iMac desktop or MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro portable, then the Mac App Store is a must visit.

Launched earlier this month, more than ONE MILLION apps were downloaded to Apple’s computers in the first 24 hours of it opening its virtual doors.

Apple boss Steve Jobs admitted he was amazed by the runaway success and said: “Developers
have done a great job bringing apps to the store and users are loving how easy and fun the Mac App Store is.”

How it works and how to get it…

The Mac App Store is simple to use and works just like the App Stores for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You sign in through your iTunes account and download either free apps or pay for others using iTunes vouchers or directly from your bank or credit card.

But to get access to the App Store, you must have installed version 10.6.6 on your Mac’s
operating system. It may have automatically downloaded and you can check if you have it by going to the Apple in the top left corner of your screen and choosing About This Mac. The latest OS version will then be displayed in the box that appears.

If you don’t have it, simply run the Software Update, also found under the Apple icon, and
it will install and place an App Store option in your Apple menu.

Now with thousands of apps already housed within it, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of useful ones and loads you won’t realise you needed until you try them. So to help you through that maze, here’s my top 10 to download right now!


You might have it on your iPhone, you might have it on your iPad, you might even have it on
your Android mobile too. But come on, it’s only three quid, it’s the best game around, and your computing life won’t be complete without throwing those cute feathered creatures at the nasty pigs!


The official way to read your tweets on your Mac has plenty of positives. Leave it running on your screen and catch up with all the latest gossip from those you follow with easy access to your replies and DMs. It might not be as packed full of options as say TweetDeck but it’s got enough for the majority of Twitter addicts.

APERTURE 3 – £44.99

Don’t let the price tag put you off. If you buy the boxed version from the Apple Store it
costs £173. Everyone is wondering how it can be so much cheaper online but why worry? This is a fully-featured photo-editing suite for under £50. Packed full of ways to make your digital images look stunning, it has easy-to-use options for the novice and proper meaty tools for the pro snapper.


Who needs a mouse when you own an iPhone or iPod touch? This app allows you to turn both devices into a wireless trackpad for your Mac to control what happens on the main screen. You can also use the smaller virtual keyboard to type too. You’ll be amazed how responsive it is when you try it.

THINGS – £29.99

If your life is in a mess – both working and personal – then this can’t solve problems for you, but it can get you organised. The ultimate in To Do list apps, Things allows you to create Projects, categories and deadlines, forcing you to be reminded of what needs to be done until you get off your bum and do it.

iWORK – £11.99 each

One benefit of the Mac App Store is how it splits all Apple’s great home-made software into
single items. So you can buy Pages, Keynote and Numbers separately, rather than getting the disc with all three and only ever using the full iWork suite simply for word-processing. The latest iLife ’11 is the same allowing you to purchase the updates for either iPhoto, iMovie or GarageBand on their own too.


Amazon’s book app works just like the portable versions and allows you to download novels and
non-fiction to read on your computer. These will cost you to buy but it’s handy if only for reference books and those to help you in your daily work rather than the latest bestseller that’s better read on an iPad by the beach.


The phenomenal shooting game from your console comes to Mac and downloading it is quick and easy. Battle baddies as you move through the levels picking them off with the mouse and keyboard. Just read the system requirements on the download page carefully before you buy.


Already an award-winner, this freebie lets you muck around with the menus on your Mac and
get quick access to each one via hotkeys and shortcuts you create. You can also play with the font sizes. Beware, the customising gets a bit addictive.

BRAID – £2.99

A stunning to look at, fun to play platform game, Braid is filled with puzzles to solve. The
graphics appear as if they have been painted onto the screen and with addictive gameplay to match, just beware you don’t overrun your lunch break when you begin what you think will only be a quick interlude of game time.