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TomTom launches device for caravan users

TomTom is to launch a new device specifically tailored to caravan and campervan users, the satnav giant has announced.

The TomTom GO LIVE Camper and Caravan device comes with a range of features designed to help caravan enthusiasts tackle the roads.

All you need to do is enter what type of vehicle you’re driving – a car on its own, a car and caravan, or a campervan – and the device will adjust routes and arrival times depending on the size, weight, and maximum speed.

Not only that, but the device also comes with a bunch of pre-loaded points-of-interest to help out caravan and campervan drivers on their journey.

So expect to see things like campsites, service spots for campervans and even chemical toilet sites pop up as you’re driving along.

A TomTom spokesman said:

“Many customers have been in touch requesting navigation designed specifically for their camper or caravan,”

“The launch of the GO LIVE Camper & Caravan puts an end to unnecessary detours and unwanted surprises. Not only does it calculate the very best routes, it is also a great source of relevant information on the journey.”

At £349.99, the GO LIVE Camper and Caravan does not come cheap – but it includes maps for 45 European countries, as well as a year’s subscription to TomTom’s LIVE Services.

The GO LIVE Camper and Caravan is the latest in a long line of products from TomTom, which seems hell-bent on flooding the market with as much hardware and software as possible.

The satnav giant recently announced that Sith Lord Darth Vader has lent his breathy tones to the device – presumably to scare you into following the directions religiously.

Vader joins the likes of C-3PO and Yoda in the ranks of Star Wars characters lending their voices to TomTom. The only question now is, are you on the Light or Dark Side?