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TomTom blame ‘Leap Year Bug’ for causing problems with it’s satnavs

Satnav manufacturer TomTom are currently working on fixing their software after a ‘leap year bug’ caused a number of their GPR systems to stop working and loose location.

Obviously confused by the extra day at the end of February, a number of TomTom devices now just show a grey screen and a message informing the user that there is a lack of GPS signal.

The problems were first seen at the weekend (31st March) when users as far away as Australia, Italy and Mexico were unable to get any kind of GPS signal.

TomTom immediately issued a statement asking customers to reset their TomTom by holding down the power button for 20 seconds.

They went on to say:

“We have identified the root cause for some of our products not obtaining a GPS position”

“The issue is caused by a ‘leap year’ bug in the software of the GPS receiver. We are working hard on a permanent solution that we will make available on our website as a downloadable software fix.”

Since this message, TomTom have now offered a software update via their MyTomTom service which should fix the problem.

The Blame Game…

A statement has since been issued on the TomTom website saying:

“Some customers have been experiencing GPS positioning issues since 31st March. The issue is caused by a ‘leap year’ bug in the software of the GPS receiver provided by a third party.”

Affected models include Start 20/25, Via 120/125, Via LIVE 120/125, GO LIVE 820/825, GO LIVE 1000/1005/1005 World.

Planning a trip and own one of these TomTom satnavs? Now might be a good time to update your software.

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