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Tomb Raider trailer gets an extreme reaction as Lara gets a new face

The new Tomb Raider seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment thanks to a Trailer shown at E3 and a live interview that went a bit wrong.

Eidos life president Ian Livingstone has been speaking about what he calls ‘a momentary threat to Lara which she overcame in two seconds’ and how the sequence has been blown way out of proportion thanks to a live interview that went a bit sideways.

The interview in question was from producer Ron Rosenberg in which he said that players would want to “protect Lara” after showing off a trailer at E3 which seemed to include an attempted rape scene.

Livingstone spoke out recently saying:

“There was a momentary threat to Lara which she overcame in two seconds. The reaction has been quite extreme.”

He then added that the trailer’s intentions were:

“Never to imply sexual threat to Lara. We should be celebrating what’s great about the game. I guarantee fans will be delighted with the new Tomb Raider.”

Lara gets another makeover

Actress Camilla Luddington has been chosen as the new face, voice and body of Lara Croft for the new Tomb Raider series.

The studio chose Camilla to play our favourite Tomb Raiding heroine as they want to apparently take Lara in a ‘new direction’… (insert jokes here).

“We are demanding far more from the voice and performance acting than ever before as we take the franchise in a new direction.”

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