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Tobii Create Worlds First Eye-Controlled Laptop

The world’s first eye-controlled laptop has been unveiled  by eye-tracking and eye-control technology company Tobii.

The prototype laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo and can be seen by the public eye for the first time at CeBIT in Hannover now. The launch of this new protype laptop is something of a breakthrough for Tobii in its mission to bring eye tracking technology to the consumer.

The manufacturers claim that this innovative piece of technology works in a very natural way, using our eyes to point, select and scroll. Their eye-catching functions mean that you just glance at an icon or gadget and more information will come up on screen.

You can zoom pictures or maps and automatically centre the area you’re looking at. Eye-control can also speed up things when switching between windows. Browsing through your emails and documents will be a doddle as this marks new and intuitive way to do so.

“More than anything else, the Tobii laptop prototype is proof that our eyetracking technology is mature enough to be used in standard computer interfaces,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii on the new machine.

“To reach a state where the technology is part of the average computer, we need to make it smaller and cheaper.”

Tobii and Lenovo have so far produced just  20 of these Windows 7 eye-controlled laptops.

It’s not quite telekinesis but this eye-popping weird and wonderful creation is a step in the right direction.  It might be a few years yet before it falls into consumer hands, but watch this space! so watch this space/screen.