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Throw those bundled headphones away

Grado SR80

Rating: ★★★★★

Now if anyone out there is like me, and falls asleep half way through match of the day on Saturday night, but up in time to watch it in the morning on the laptop whilst sitting in bed. But oh no that would wake up the girlfriend, and she is no morning person, this is where I lean over for the one and only SR80′s.

These sublime headphones produce very little background sound (as long as what you are listening to is not to bassy), and drown out the snores of the missus whilst she foolishly believes I am still asleep. Now to see how good these headphones truly are you need to throw the laptop away use the 3.5mm adapter provided to plug in to your lovely hifi/separates system and give it any range of music, from James Brown through to a bit of guns n’ roses and you will hear every note like you have never heard it before. So pull out your bean bag, turn down the lights and get your favourite CD on and just listen to it like you have never heard it before.

Grado have made sure you have got every pounds worth with this lovely product, replicating sounds perfectly warm, bass-heavy but still with excellent treble. Can be turned up as much as you like without any form of distortion to the sound.

The cable while being thick and sturdy and a good length does make it very much a stay at home pair of headphones.

The one thing with these cans with them not being fully over ear, I personally find them slightly uncomfortable after about an hour and half of wearing, which if you are trying to watch a film on them can get a bit annoying. However this could be down to the fact I have a big head I do not know.


  • quality
  • look


  • cable


Overall I would recommend anyone that loves their music, or has
to put up with others sleeping whilst they are wanting to watch films or
listen to music in the house these are the headphones for you my
friend. You will not get a better pair of headphones sub £100.

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