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Three things the Apple iPad 3 is sure to feature

Rumours surrounding Apple’s iPad 3 seem to have been flying around since the iPad 2 was released last year. As ever in the tech world, we are always thinking about the Next Big Thing.

And while this is one of the things we love about the world of technology, it does sometimes mean we end up getting excited about something that will never happen.

In November last year we brought you around up of the top five iPad 3 rumours that were buzzing around cyberspace.

Some of them may come true, some may not, and some of them don’t look likely at all anymore. So we’ve decided to cut through the rumour mill to bring you the features that the iPad 3 will almost definitely have.

We don’t want to say they are guaranteed, nothing in the tech world ever is, but they are close enough. And if the iPad 3 doesn’t feature them, Apple has missed a trick.

Siri for the iPad 3

While people bought the iPhone 4S in their millions, many were disappointed with what the device had to offer.

The one saving grace of the iPhone 4S was Siri, Apple’s voice activation software. Siri lets users carry out usual voice activation tasks like calling someone or finding a contact, but it also does so much more.

By converting a user’s voice into text, Siri is able to recognise almost any query, and deliver a witty and often incredibly accurate response.

4G data for the iPad 3

4G is the next step for wireless connectivity, offering a marked step up from 3G, which can be so slow at times it is unbelievable.

The UK should get 4G connectivity towards the end of this year, and the iPad 3 looks like it will be ready and waiting.

Dual-LED light bar technology

One complaint from iPad 2 users was the display’s brightness, and given the iPad 3 is likely to have an even higher resolution, Apple need to address the issue.

And dual-LED light bar technology seems to be the only reasonable option, although Apple will need to give the iPad 3 a damn good battery to power it.

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