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This Desireable Enough For You?

HTC Desire HD

Rating: ★★★★★

I had been comtemplating an upgrade on my current mobile contract for a few weeks now and was unsure whether to go for an Iphone 4 or one of its Android competitors. Having always been an Iphone user this was a tough decision, in the end opting for the HTC Desire HD. I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s initially striking about the Desire HD is the large 4.3″ screen. This bright and colourful 480×800 pixel display looks sharp and really comes to life when web browsing or using the 8 megapixel camera. Although not as crisp as the Iphone 4 display, it is still very good in its own right.

The body of the Desire HD is made from aluminium and feels really sturdy compared to other smartphones. The screen and the aluminium casing add to the weight of the phone, quite heavy at 164g, so if you like your phone’s light and compact then the Desire HD probably isn’t for you.

The Desire HD interface is extremely easy to use and customisable to suit your individual needs. It is super fast when scrolling from page to page due to the 1ghz processor inside. The only time I’ve seen any slowdown is when turning the screen to landscape mode, though this is nothing more than a couple of seconds. The keyboard is easy to use due to the large screen and typing messages is easy with a little practice.

The web browsing capabilities on the Desire HD are particularly notable, with the big screen making navigation quick and easy. It also supports flashplayer 10, so every page is displayed in full.

There are too many features to name with the Desire HD, including excellent social networking integration. The contacts in your phonebook can be automatically linked to your facebook and twitter profiles. When someone rings you their picture and facebook status also comes up on the screen, a nifty little touch.

There are also small touches, like when the phone rings and the volume goes down as you lift it closer to your face. You can also put a call on silent simply by turning the phone over. All these features are easy to turn on or off to suit your needs.

All these features do have an impact on the battery, and with heavy use it can only last a day. However there is a handy power saver menu which allows you to adjust settings and this dramatically improves battery life. I can easily get several days use out of the battery with the right settings.

If you have the misfortune of losing your phone you can always log in to HTC sense on your computer. This shows a map with the whereabouts of the phone and also allows you to remotely delete or forward data from your phone. You can remotely lock the keypad and type a message to appear on the screen, in case someone finds it.


  • Good web browser with Flash
  • Lots of Features
  • Easy to Use


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Quite heavy


If you want a big smart phone packed full of features then the Desire HD will be right up your street. The big screen and weight of the phone may be too much for some users but as far as smartphones go, they don’t come much better. Dare I say it, as good as the Iphone 4?