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Thermomix: an ally in your kitchen

Looking to take a self-catering holiday this summer, but still want the ability to turn out food suitable of a domestic godess (or god)?

Instead of taking all of your kitchen appliances with you, find out how the Thermomix TM31 by Vorwork could be right for you.

The Thermomix TM31 by Vorwork claims to be an ingenious invention promising to virtually replace 14 kitchen gadgets without the need of any accessories whatsoever.

The Thermomix functions as a food processor; it chops and crushes; whips and mixes; grate and mills; weighs; blends; kneads; and emulsifies.

At its base it has various controls, a timer and weighing scales. On top of it sits a steaming basket, which can steam one food while preparing another.

The Thermomix therefore combines technology with food preparation seamlessly. For more top combinations of technology and cooking take a look at these great examples of BBQ technology and this guide to outdoor cooking.

To operate the Thermomix TM31 you do need to consult the instruction manual though, as some of the processes can be a little daunting and somewhat confusing.

Some of its basic functions are set out below:

Safety Guidelines

  1. Before you start make sure that the Thermomix is standing on an even surface as it is quite powerful and can easily move or slip
  2. Clean it thoroughly before using it for the first time
  3. Insert the mixing bowl with the handle at the front and click it into place
  4. Connect the electric cable to the mains making sure that they are not tangled or sitting under the appliance
  5. The scales work with a temperature range between –20°C and +50°C so if it is wintertime and the temperature of the appliance has fallen under –20°C wait until it reaches room temperature again before you begin to operate it.
  6. Remember that a safety device prevents the lid from opening while the appliance is operating.

Multi-function display

This displays the Weighing mode, Timer mode, Counter-clockwise and dough mode.

  1. Insert mixing bowl. The display will show the timer 00:00
  2. Press the tare button. Wait for the tone and the display will show the scales 0.000
  3. Put in the first ingredient (2.0 kg max.) and check the quantity on the display. If you wish to add more ingredients push the tare button again and add the next ingredient.
  4. Repeat these steps as often as required to the maximum weight (6 kg).

Timer buttons and timer display

  1. Select a time
  2. Preset an operating time of up to 60 minutes
  3. Use the +, – to increase/reduce the time. To change it, press the button briefly. Press and hold the button to increment rapidly. Press both buttons simultaneously to set the time to 00:00
  4. Select a temperature
  5. Turn the speed selector. Remember that when the appliance is in cold mixing mode the mixing speed switches off after the preset time has expired.
  6. A tone will buzz to tell you that the job is completed.

Temperature buttons

  1. The temperature buttons range between 37°C and 100°C. Each button comes with an indicator.
    • 37°C =green
    • 50°C and 60°C = yellow
    • 70°C and 80°C = orange
    • 90°C and 100°C = red
  2. When the preset temperature has been reached during cooking the indicators stop flashing.
  3. If you do not wish to heat or cook food you need to ensure that none of the indicators is flashing, or your food will cook!

Turbo button

The turbo button operates the Thermomix at maximum speed. The turbo function is available when the speed is set to 4 or above.

Clockwise/counter-clockwise operation

The counter-clockwise operation is designed for delicate stirring and avoiding damaging food.

  1. Press the clockwise/counter-clockwise button to reverse the rotating direction of the knife
  2. To switch off the counter-clockwise operation just press the button again.

Dough Mode

This mode is intended for making heavy yeast dough or bread dough. The dough is processed in the mixing bowl as if it was being kneaded.  This mode is only available if the mixing bowl is cool. If the temperature is high a buzzer sets off indicating that the bread is heating.

Find out more information about the Thermomix TM31.