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The Wonderful World of Xbox Kinect Hacks

A new age is upon us. A new dawn of of gaming is greeting us with its warm and glorious rays of wonderful technology. The great gods of Microsoft have decided in their ultimate wisdom to provide us simple men with open source software for their super awesome Xbox Kinect.

For those of you not in the technical know this basically means that with a touch of technical know how any mere human person can make their own xbox kinect app/game. This throws the development of this fancy new technology out to anyone who can think of a something to do a something, just like the apps of apple this could be a big earner for xbox and an exciting time for gamers and geeks the world over.

As a passionate advocate of technology weird and wonderful I’ve spent literally minutes researching and cataloguing the best of kinect hacks that have so far been documented on the interwebs.

Lightsaber, what more needs to be said

There has to be something starwars related in all new game controllers, its the law. So intensely looking forward to what comes in the future, some kind of force related shenanigans please.

Play Mario Bros on the NES

I would take on the ultimate warrior to have a go on this.

Control Robots

Just like in that awesome(ly bad) film, lost in space, yay were beating suggested sc fi technology! hooray for us!

Advanced Shadow Puppetry

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo. Fun for the little kiddies (and big kiddies).

Crazy Body Morphing

Body Dysmorphic Disorder from flight404 on Vimeo. Change the dimensions of your body on the fly, could be handy for super hero games, wanna look like the thing?

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