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The tiny robot that washes your floor

We’ve had robot vacuum cleaners for a little while now, but the options haven’t been that great for hardwood and tile floors. This update of the iRobot Scooba aims to change that.

The Scooba 230 uses a three-stage cleaning system wash, scrub and squeegee your floors, and is small enough to clean in all the corners of your bathroom floor. As iRobot says in one of the funniest product slogans I’ve heard in a while, “Cleaning around your toilet just got a lot less scary.”

The quality of clean you get from robot cleaners in the past has been a little poor compared to a traditional cleaner. As the robotics involved come to be seen less as a gimmick, these new models seem to have a better focus on cleaning. We’ll see how long it takes for these things to be seen as a more viable solution.