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The Sharp Quattron: an ignored revolution?

Sharp Quattron LC40LE811E

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This TV has the niche feature of the picture being compiled from four colour pixels as opposed to the usual three. The additional yellow pixel is supposed to enhance yellow and green colours, making things like skin tones more realistically portrayed.

Look and feel

I noticed first of all that the look of the TV was very elegant and simple, due to it’s sleek black design and slim screen. Although it is suitable to mount on the wall, it also had a classy, smart stand. Along the mirrored panel on the bottom are touch screen volume and channel buttons, which are a subtle but dramatic addition.

Although assembling the TV and organising the settings was fairly simple, the remote control was not particularly user friendly, and the buttons seemed confusing and cluttered. The TV menu was fairly well set out, although rather lacked the creative design some TVs show at the moment. I liked the fact that there were many subcategories under each heading in the menu. Although it made the menu seem more complicated, it actually meant that all the options you would need are easily accessible. A simplified menu may make it more difficult to access certain options.


When it came to the picture, yellow colours were enhanced and the picture in general was fantastic quality when I compared it with another TV screen. However, the difference was subtle and would not necessarily have been notable without a comparison. The sound was fine, although I wouldn’t have commented on its clarity or sharpness. This is often the case with a flat screen TV; the sound was acceptable, and far from outstanding.

If you’re looking for a TV with great picture quality, this would be a sensible choice. The Blu Ray DVD and HD channels gave sharp and precise images. It may be due to this added pixel, or the LED screen.

Either way, the quality of the picture could be enough to make up for the lack of 3D capability, and even convince you that 3D isn’t necessary at all! It also allows you to record freeview broadcastings, which can be handy to avoid family arguments over the remote control. The USB port allows you to insert a hard drive and view photos or videos through the TV, which is a great way to show off your family pictures without needing to gather your friends around a tiny computer screen!

The Sharp Quattron looks fantastic and its picture excels many in this league. However, if you’re looking for a TV which will outstrip other models in all aspects, this may be a slight disappointment. The picture is rather outstanding, but other aspects and features (the sound quality, and lack of internet capability) may leave something to be desired.


  • Slim, suitable for mounting on the wall
  • Ability to record freeview programmes
  • Great picture quality


  • Sound quality is not so impressive
  • Not many other excelling features


The TV was great to watch films on, as the picture is so clear. However, the sound lets the TV down as it does not match up with the screen superiority. Also, with the £2000 price, the customer would probably want a product which offers other hi-tech features rather than just one main attribute.

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