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The revolutionary Sony Reader

The Sony Reader is a revolutionary way to carry up to 160 books around in one amazing gadget. Have a look at some of the things it does.

For those who love to travel, and enjoy reading, this is the perfect gadget. You can store 160 books (although with an SD memory card or memory stick this is increased to 13,000!).

It is much like carrying a paperback book around with you, except that it is slimmer, and it is easily readable even in bright sunlight. And you won’t have to worry about running out of battery, as it lasts for 7,000 page turns!

Once you have the Sony Reader, all you have to do is download the software that comes with the package on to your computer.

Now you can choose from the 100 free classic titles that come with each reader. Once you’ve worked your way through these titles, there are thousands available on the internet to buy and download, much like you would with music! On that note, you can also listen to mp3 files through it, too.

So enjoy your numerous books, reading page by page or quickly flick through to find your favourite part! If you do forget to bookmark the page you are on, the reader will do this automatically so you don’t lose your place.

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