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The Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold Series Smart LED TV

As 3D jumps out of the cinema and into our homes, electrical goods company Philips has joined the club, releasing an innovative 3D TV.

The Philips 2011 TV range is led by the Cinema 21:9 Gold Series Smart LED TV, and offers Philips’ best Full HD 3D cinematic experience.

Packaged in a 50inch Full HD screen in 21:9 aspect ratio, the Cinema 21:9 Gold series includes: edge Full HD LED, 100Hz and Philips’ powerful Pixel Precise HD picture processing engine to produce brilliant, sharp and smooth pictures.

For example, movie scenes should appear exactly as the director intended and all those jerky home movies will no longer judder thanks to the award-winning HD Natural Motion, which corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material.

The Cinema 21:9 Gold utilizes what Philips like to call Easy 3D.  With sharp 3D images and low ghosting, Easy 3D is the most comfortable 3D to watch.

Philips Ambilight is used in Easy 3D to project harmonized ambient lighting onto the walls behind your TV along with an advanced 3D polarizer fully integrated into the TV screen so it’s ready to give you all the excitement of the cinema at home.

And if you’ve ever wondered what your favourite movie would look like in 3D, another great innovation in the new TV is the ability to watch 2D movies in 3D. The new Cinema Gold 21:9 means that you can watch your entire movie collection – even old black-and-white classics – in vivid and flawless 3D.

To enjoy the experience fully, Philips has created affordable lightweight and stylish glasses.

3D TV Smart Package

The Philips ‘Smart TV package’ has been created to go along with the 3D TV and lets users to stream music and videos from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. You can share photos taken by phone or tablet on the big screen.

The Cinema 21:9 Gold can also store programs and films on demand and – great news for sport fans (and possibly even more-so for sport widows everywhere!), the new Panasonic is the first Philips TV to come with Multiview, so you can watch a TV show while simultaneously keeping up to date with sports results on Net TV.

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