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The New Slimline Upright Vacuum Cleaner from Dyson

Dyson DC40 Multifloor Complete

Rating: ★★★★★

Setting Up

It was like celebrating Christmas removing the DC40 from it’s packaging. All the components were wrapped in individual covers and cardboard to protect them and furthermore, putting the cleaner together was a real breeze. All the sections snapped and clicked reassuringly into place and I was on my way, buzzing around the house in no time at all.

Design and Features

This snazzy little slimline upright vacuum cleaner comes with some pretty great features. For one, Dyson have upgraded their multi-cyclone system to trap even smaller particles of dirt and dust. This was clearly noticeable when running it over my lounge rug which accumulates crumbs, dust and debris on a daily basis thanks to my two young children.

Along with the multi-cyclone technology, there is a new smaller brush head. This allowed me to get further underneath my furniture and into harder to reach places, such as my nest of tables and between my dining room chairs.

The suction and turbine brushes lifted the pile on the carpets and gave it a really thorough clean, making it look just like new!

I was astonished at how much the bin canister collected in a matter of minutes….maybe it’s time to retire my trusted OLD cylinder vacuum cleaner!

Technology Behind the Cleaning

The swivel ball movement system is truly excellent and made manoeuvring the vacuum around my house a real doodle. The ball cleverly houses key components such as the motor, meaning the unit is leaner and easier to steer in small confined spaces.

I can honestly say it was absolutely effortless to twist and turn around bends and corners and didn’t put any strain on my arms and wrists. In fact, all I had to do was steer whilst the cleaner moved forwards almost on its own!

Whatsmore, this new model comes with a really smart self-adjusting floorhead, which automatically adapted to the floor surface I was cleaning – from the large rug in my lounge to the wood floor, for example. There was no need to worry about flicking a switch to suit the surface making vacuuming across my lounge rug, carpets, wood surfaces and tiles in the hallway absolutely effortless.

Another neat new feature to make life easier is the lever-free reclining mechanism which automatically releases when you pull the vacuum towards you. This works a treat and means you don’t need to push a release pedal to start cleaning.

The mains lead was long enough for doing the full flight of stairs and the brush attachment that is combined with the crevice tool made cleaning the intricate parts of the stairs extremely simple.

Hygenic Cleaning

As with all other Dysons, there are no bags to worry about changing.  Instead, the clear canister bin allows you to see when the unit is full and needs emptying.  All I had to do was simply press the release button, the bin’s base opened and out dropped all the dirt and debris.  Then, I simply clicked the canister back in place, all with exterme ease and with no fuss at all.

They really have thought of everything with this upright cleaner. Now, if they could only work out how to make one without a cable and without the need to charge for hours, I’d be amazed!


  • Easy to Maneouvere
  • Slimline Design
  • Range of Tools
  • Power of Suction


  • None


All in all this is truly one of my favourite lightweight, slimline vacuum cleaners from Dyson and one which I would recommend without any hesitation.

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