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The new range of Aqualtis Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers.

Still featuring all the favourite features of Aqualtis such as Steam Hygiene, Steam Refresh and Eco Wash Function we have now added even more technological advancement to the range. The new Aqualtis appliances offer the latest evolution in washing and drying technology giving total care for your clothes.

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Anti-Allergy Cycles

NEW to Aqualtis Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers
These new patented high temperature technologies help to reduce any traces of detergent and reduce harmful allergens from clothes.

How does it work?

The Aqualtis washing machine cycle kills main allergens due to high temperature control and additional rinse phases which effectively removes the detergent. The new Aqualtis tumble dryers patented high level temperature control system works in combination with the new airflow filter to ensure all allergens are neutralised.

Allergy UK Approved.

Woolmark Platinum Star

NEW to Aqualtis Washing Machines
Our new Aqualtis washing machines feature the new Woolmark* Platinum Star endorsed programme.

How does it work?

The new Aqualtis drum has soft cascade lifters which are perfectly smooth to guarantee a special massaging treatment to fibres.
*In the UK and Eire the Woolmark is a certification Trade Mark.

Ultra Delicates Cycle

NEW to Aqualtis Washing Machines
The new Ultra Delicates cycle – an extremely gentle programme that protects the most precious fibres and garments.

How does it work?

Achieved thanks to reduced agitation from the new soft cascade lifters and a ‘cradle’ movement in the wash phase ensuring a cushioned wash for total care.

Excellent Care for Colours

NEW to Aqualtis Washing Machines
Thanks to the new innovative hydro thermal technology (Insulating Fibretech Tub which keeps temperatures constant) the original colour of clothes are maintained for longer.

Whites Cycle

Temperatures are maintained throughout to ensure efficient stain removal on white cottons. The result? – Garments maintain their original whiteness for longer.

Darks Cycle

Thanks to reduced agitation and a slightly lower wash temperature, rinse time and spin speed, the original dark colours of garments are maintained for longer.

Coloureds Cycle

To ensure the original colour of garments are maintained, temperature peaks throughout the cycle have been controlled whilst water quantity has been increased to reduce in-drum detergent concentration resulting in a softer effect on coloured garments.

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Other new features on Aqualtis Washing Machines?

  • New Larger porthole with hidden easy dose drawer.
  • New improved aesthetic and ergonomic handle.
  • Increased capacity – All new Aqualtis Washing Machines are now 11kg!
  • All new Aqualtis Washing Machines are now A+++ rated!
  • Improved robustness and quality thanks to the new titanium alloy drum and heating element.

Other new features on Aqualtis Tumble Dryers?

  • New improved aesthetic.
  • New wave patterned drum – creating an air cushion for smooth tumbling.
  • Increased capacity – all new Aqualtis Tumble Dryers are now 9kg!
  • New A-40% energy option thanks to heat pump technology.