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The New MacBook Air – What Does It Have To Offer?

It seems that Apple is committed to upgrading their existing products, as the Apple iPhone 4S features alongside their recently improved MacBook Air. So what does the MacBook Air offer consumers?

The iPhone 4S may fail to impress some who expected to see a brand new iPhone 5, but the MacBook Air has also undergone improvements and these look set to impress.

Apple products are known for their high levels of performance and sense of style, as well as their constant development and improvement. As one of the global giants for technology devices, the range of Apple products is extensive – offering customers an almost limitless choice and selection.

Apple MacBook Air features

The new and improved Apple MacBook Air offers users the chance to experience an advanced and innovative notebook that boasts a range of different features. Specifications have been upgraded across the board. The specifications for the new MacBook Air range prove that Apple is a leader in style – so what are consumers likely to find?

The Latest Processors

With 1.6 or 1.7GHz dual-core Intel processors, the new MacBook Air range offers users quick and responsive performance.

Flash Memory

Offering 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage, the main improvement here is that it is flash storage. Commonly used in their Smartphones and Tablets, this format allows for reliability and speed – perfect for their 11 and 13 inch notebooks.

Clarity and Precision

Aiding performance can sometimes be achieved through aesthetically pleasing designs, and the new backlit keyboard utilised by the MacBook Air range is one example of this. This feature not only looks nice but also provides improved clarity and precision for the keyboard, allowing typing to become easier, thus improving performance.

The Power of a Lion

The new MacBook Air range packs a powerful roar as it utilises the latest OS X Lion. As part of the included software, this feature ensures that the new models are able to keep up with the demands and needs of consumers.

Thunderbolt and Other Specifications

With prices starting as low as £849, the specifications of the MacBook Air offer users variety and versatility, including:

• Intel HD Graphics 3000 Processor

• Integrated “Face Time” Camera

• Multiple Connections: Thunderbolt, USB 2.0, headphone port, SD card slot, etc.

• Increased battery power: up to five or seven hours wireless web connection depending on the model.