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The New Google Nexus Q vs Apple TV

The Nexus Q landed from Google last week and it’s main competitor looks set to be Apple TV. But is this one battle that Google can win? We find out in our head-to-head.


These two couldn’t be more different. One the one hand, you have the square Apple TV and on the other the round Nexus Q. Both are small enough to snuggle in your front room but we have to admit that the Nexus Q looks less like another black box with it’s dancing LED lights.


The Nexus Q wins this hands down, in its spherical form you’ll find Micro HDMI, optical audio out, ethernet, micro USB and speaker outputs. Not forgetting, bluetooth and NFC. On Apple’s offering there’s only HDMI, optical audio out and ethernet.


It’s a close call with this one. With Google Play now ramping up movie rentals and the ability to buy films, Apple doesn’t have as much of a jump on it. Arguably, there is more choice in Apple’s offering. Music on the other hand is a draw with both offering very similar packages.


If you love Android you’ll love the interface on the Nexus Q, if you love Apple you’ll love the interface on Apple TV.The Nexus does have some extras up its sleeve like the ability for you mates with an Android phone to play music and watch films through your Nexus Q.

And although Apple has AirPlay you still have to use a remote while the Q lets you use your phone as a controller and you can have more than one throughout the house.


It’s a said day when we say that something won’t be available in the UK but that’s the case with the Nexus Q, it’ll only be available in the US for $200. The Apple TV is available in the UK for the price of £99.

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