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The New Google Chromebook OS Series 5 Notebook

Samsung have just announced the launch of the Google Chromebook OS Series 5 notebook, with claims that it will ‘revolutionise the PC experience’ for everyone. Find out more about this affordable notebook now.

The Chromebook Series 5 does look good, that’s for sure, complete with a .79-inch body and a simple black and white finish. The 12.1” Super Bright display is both anti-reflective and anti-glare and has a 300nit brightness display that brings all forms of media alive in vibrant colour.
The Series 5 weighs just 3.2lbs (1.45kg) and has a battery life of up to 8.5 hours, which includes up to five hours of video play for all day use without the need to recharge.  In fact Samsung boast that the Series 5 battery has a lifespan up to 1000 cycles, three times longer than conventional batteries.

The Samsung Series 5 comes with an Intel N570 1.66Ghz Dual Core processor and has 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage space.

As PlayStation’s network problems have revealed recently, security and data are major concerns these days. To keep things secure, the Chrome OS operates entirely from the cloud. What this means is that as no programs and files are directly stored on the notebook, it is very difficult for malicious spyware, trojans and viruses to take hold of your device.

The Google Chrome Series 5 has multi-media viewing capabilities, too. An optional VGA adaptor can connect to a second monitor or television. And if you use Skype often the Series 5 comes with a HD webcam, too. There are also audio inputs to connect to a microphone, headphones or external speakers.

For on-the-go professionals, as well as impatient personal PC users, the Series 5 boots up in less than 10 seconds and awakes from sleep mode in less than a second, too.

Damian Cusick, General Manager Computing, Samsung UK believes the partnership with Google will pay-off for consumers.

“With the creation of the Series 5 we are again pushing the boundaries of innovation by introducing an entirely new product category to the notebook market,” he said.

The Samsung Series 5 will be launched in the UK on 24th June and prices from £349.

Prices correct at time of publication. Individual prices may vary.