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The Latest Smartphone Competitor: Windows 7 ‘Mango’

Far from growing cold, the battlefields of the Smartphone war have just waged a new onslaught, this time with a number of manufacturers announcing their intention to release handsets featuring the brand-new Windows operating system.

Following announcements concerning the latest models of iPhone and Blackberry, there has been an incessant and relentless attack of Smartphones intending to hit the market at the same time. The result of this is that, with September looming, consumers are facing a larger proportion of choice than ever before.

The new Windows operating system, known as Windows Phone 7 Mango, is set be used in handsets offered by manufacturing giants such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and LG. This means that the Smartphone market is set to become the most competitive it has ever been, offering customers a wide selection of features and incentives.

Most of the models, including those intended for release by Apple and RIM (the manufacturers responsible for the BlackBerry brand), are aiming to arrive in the UK sometime in the next month. September could therefore be the month for Smartphone sales, boosting an already thriving market.

The new operating system provided by Windows will allow the likes of HTC and Nokia to compete directly with the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Bold 9900. This will mean that all  manufacturers will be facing a host of competition, leading to what is expected to be an intense battle.

The improvements of Windows’ new operating system are rumoured to be very impressive, with Microsoft claiming there to be around 500 new features. These include multi-tasking capabilities alongside the inclusion of Internet Explorer 9 and integration with social networking sites such as Twitter and Linkedin.

The release of these new handsets also extends to other manufacturers, such as Acer and Fujitsu-Toshiba, meaning that a whole range of models will be available at various ends of the spectrum.

Sony Ericsson have so far not revealed if they plan to release a new model in September, but with such fierce competition it seems only logical that they will join the Smartphone battle.