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The Kobo Vox: Can it beat the Kindle?

Canadian tech company Kobo released the Kobo Vox this week. It is an ereader with a difference, but is it enough to topple the Kindle’s dominance?

Released in the UK on Wednesday, the Kobo Vox is a little more expensive than most ereaders out there at £169.99. But it’s for much than just reading books; it is basically an affordable tablet.

The Kobo Vox has a colour touch screen and, thanks to its Google Android Gingerbread operating system, offers web browsing, email, and access to over 15,000 free apps.

It also gives users the ability to play games, listen to music, and watch video, as well as access to more than 2.5 million eBooks, including one million free titles.

The future looks good for the Vox, as Kobo have achieved that most sort after of tech business deals: a partnership with Facebook.

The only ereader to have a Facebook partnership, Kobo want the Vox to become the first ‘social ereader’, and given users a host of social networking tools.

Social Media Sharing

Vox users have the ability to share what they are reading with their friends via Facebook, and the Kobo Pulse app connects users who are reading the same book.

This, Kobo claim, will let readers share book reviews, comments and conversations with each other on Facebook, Twitter, even within the book itself.

It is a deft move by Kobo, who have also secured a deal with WHSmith to distribute the ereader alongside the Kobo Touch in 650 stores nationwide, as well as online.

Whether this will be enough to make the Vox a success remains to be seen, and Kobo certainly risk missing out on both the ereader market and the tablet market.

But with its Android software, comfortable 7 inch screen, and attractive price tag, this could finally be a tablet available for everyone.