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The Internet: Not as Scary as We Think!

The internet can be a very dangerous place for your PC, with everything from viruses, spammers and scammers, not to mention trojans and malware, all conspiring to bring your computer down. But a new study shows that the internet is not quite as scary as many make out. Find out how to keep your computer safe online.

Just logging on to check your Facebook profile can open the door for hackers, malware and a veritable feast of nasties to climb inside your machine and wreak havoc, or so the experts say. But if recent research from Which? Computing is anything to go by, the internet may not be quite as bad as many security software providers like to make out.

The consumer watchdog connected five computers to the internet for four weeks in January and not one of them became infected, despite an estimated 60,000 new malware threats occurring daily.

One of the computers was a particularly easy target – as it had no security software on it, but it still did not become infected.

“While there are scammers out there looking to attack your computer, you’re safer than you may think online,” says Peter Vicary-Smith, Chief Executive, Which?

Internet Security Software

As long as you’re adequately protected with anti-virus software, your computer should be safe to use online.

Free security software supplied with your operating system, when used in conjunction with some simple computer common sense tips can keep you safe from harm when using the internet.

Security software such as Norton Internet Security 2011 should be an essential as it only takes one breach to potentially wipe a PC’s data.

57% of people surveyed by Which? Computing ‘worry about their computer being attacked by viruses and other threats’, while a further 62% of Brits are worried about internet security, a fact that prevents nearly half of them banking online.

Fear of security also means that a third of people do not shop online and stops a quarter from creating a profile on websites such as Facebook.