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The funniest Siri responses on the iPhone 4S

Anyone who owns (or has had the chance to play around with) an iPhone 4S is likely to have met Siri – the voice activated personal assistant that is built into Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Siri is designed to help you organise your diary, call or text people and (most importantly in my eyes) provide hours of amusement by answering my random, stupid questions.

Meeting Siri

Yesterday I met Siri for the first time, we got on quite well…there were a few awkward moments and misunderstandings, but generally I think we could become friends.  Siri, it
seems, has been programmed to have a bit of an attitude – ask Siri a stupid question and more often than not you will get an equally stupid answer.

Cue hours of me sitting on the sofa, asking Siri increasingly stupid questions and giggling to myself at the answers after hijacking my other half’s iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, aforementioned other half tuts loudly, rolls his eyes and turns up the volume on the football…

Realising that I am probably not the first person to ask Siri stupid questions, I scoured the web for my favourite examples of Siri’s humour and have compiled a list of my favourite random questions to ask Siri and Siri’s funny replies.

My favourite funny Siri replies

These were my favourite examples of Siri’s sense of humour (thanks to for the images) but i am sure there are loads more still to be discovered…

To find out more about Siri and listen to the Siri duet song(!) check out our article here!