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The Emeril by T-Fal Slow Cooker is a Show Stopper

Do you own a slow cooker that sits idle in it’s box, tucked away in your kitchen cupboard that’s never seen daylight? Or are you considering purchasing a new one but don’t know where to start?

The Emeril by T-Fal is a star buy! But, you’re probably wondering what the difference is from this slow cooker to all the other models currently available on the market today? Well, the Emeril by T-fal is a 6qt slow cooker that not only cooks your food perfectly but acts as a food warmer too. It’s extremely stylish and packed full of technology yet very simple to operate.

A lot of people can be intimated by the idea of cooking with a slow cooker but the Emeril by T-fal has an easy to follow programme with timer control and a smart digital display.

This slow cooker has a glass lid so there’s no need to open it up to check the progress of your dish. It features a hinged lid that channels condensation back into the cooking vessel, so if you do want to open it, you don’t need to worry about drips spoiling your counter tops or table cloths. A clever turbo boost activates when the lid is opened to ensure the food doesn’t loose valuable heat and automatically returns to the cooking heat once the lid is closed. The lid is held on with hinges so you don’t have to physically remove it and potentially cause damage when placing it on work top or table.

Whatsmore, once the food is cooked, the programme automatically switches to warmer mode to keep the food at serving temperature for up to 10 hours. Incredible don’t you think?

Another great thing about this product is that the lid and bowl are dishwasher friendly, so no need to spend hours soaking and scrubbing after use!

So, all you need to do is throw in your ingredients, go out for the day and come home to a perfectly cooked dinner and a house that smells like you’ve been slaving over the hot stove for hours.

To recap, the key features that put this slow cooker above others currently available on the market are:

  • Temperature booster that automatically maintains cooking temperature when lid is opened
  • Unit beeps if the id is left open for too long
  • High and Low temperature settings
  • Hinged removable glass lid with condensation collector
  • Digital controls with LCD screen
  • Large capacity 6qt ceramic bowl

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